Elite Realty Management, LLC

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  - Benjamin Franklin


Reduce your expenses by having Elite Realty & Management properly manage and maintain your investment properties.


Here's how:


1.  Rental Market Analysis and Comprehensive Advertising Program:  Setting a marketable rental rate ensures leasing your property quickly.  Our comprehensive advertising and marketing strategies reaches more prospective tenants and result with higher quality placement.  Every day your property sits vacant costs you money.  Eliminate long vacancy periods with our marketing and advertising services.


2.  Properly Screened Tenants:  Filling vacancies with quality tenants is essential for success.  Poor placement of tenants can cost you more than a vacancy, such as nonpayment of rent, legal action and property damage.  Our rigorous screening of prospective tenants leads to qualified residents for your property and reduces the potential costs of poor tenant placement.


3.  Comprehensive Residential Lease Agreement and Enforcement:  Our lease agreement clearly outlines the policy and procedures for rental payment or failure thereof, maintenance requests and coverage and lease termination and renewal notices.  All tenants over 18 years of age must submit to the background screening process, and sign the lease agreement.  Prompt enforcement of the lease terms is essential to avoid unpleasant expenses and potential legal remedies.


4.  Efficient and Prompt Maintenance:  Our licensed and insured maintenance professionals timely respond to your residence's repair requests. Satisfied and happy residences result with renewed leases and lower vacancy rates.  During vacancy periods, a well maintained property attracts prospective tenants.  Deferred maintenance or poor maintenance service eventually increases your expenses.


5.  State of the Art Technology:  Our commitment to technology allows 24/7 account access for our property owners and tenants.  This helps reduce traditional and expensive accounting procedures, allows our services to be competitively priced and to pass the savings to you.


Reduce your expenses.  Allow us to properly managing all aspects of your rental property.


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